Tempting Brands and caseable partner to create unique ROUTE 66 branded accessories

Tempting Brands has teamed up with caseable to create a one of a kind series of ROUTE 66 handmade covers for devices like smartphones, laptops, e-readers and tablets. The signature accessories feature diverse ROUTE 66 artworks which give them the vintage and timeless feel that the brand inspires.

The ROUTE 66 branded products are available for online purchasing at caseable.com.

About caseable

caseable is an international e-commerce company that specializes in the production, distribution and marketing of customized cases and covers for electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, e-readers and tablets. With the help of their innovative Online Design Tool, accessories can be personalized choosing from a large variety of artists and license designs. The print system locks colors deep-down into the material, making them scratch and water resistant. The products are eco-friendly, and the Germany-based production, as well as the facility in Brooklyn, has earned them the “Made in” labels.

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