Tony Moore new release on ROUTE 66

Tony Moore is a lifelong musician with an eclectic career that includes playing with Iron Maiden in the early days, being keyboard player in Cutting Crew ( I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight) in the 80’s as well as releasing and performing his own music to hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The list of musical “Standards” he has played over the decades has been extensive but out of them very few songs can be thought of as timeless classics and of those, there is really only one that can be said to have become an iconic part of all our cultures.

That song, of course, is Route 66. Bringing a sense of individual freedom and the spirit of rock and roll to everyone that hears it.

In 2020 a chance trip to the Torti family winery in Italy resulted in a unique collaboration between Tony and TORTI L’Eleganza del Vino to produce a signature collection of wines under the label “ROUTE 66 wines by Tony Moore”. Tony says “I am very proud to be working with Tempting Brands for ROUTE 66 and the Torti family so I wanted to celebrate this exciting relationship by releasing my own, original take on the classic record.”

On July 2nd 2021, Tony’s version of Route 66 song will be released simultaneously on all digital media worldwide. The official video for the track can be seen and heard using this link (which will also have all the streaming links embedded)

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